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    Immigration FAQ’s


Our most frequently asked immigration to New Zealand questions are listed below, with all the answers to match.

But if you still haven’t found the info you’re after, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us with any curiosities and queries today! 

  • What is it like in New Zealand?

    Both of us often remark that it’s a rare day that goes past without our feeling grateful to be here in New Zealand. It truly feels like heaven to us.  New Zealand  is safe, secure and beautiful  .
    New Zealand has the work-life balance just right and consistently leads international quality-of-life surveys every year. It is a well-developed, well connected country that has led the world in recent years with respect to governance, leadership and domestic policy. New Zealanders believe life is for living. It’s about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends plus all the recreation and wide open spaces our country offers.

  • What Training, Qualification and License do you have?

    Both Helen and Rebecca hold the specialised Graduate Diploma in Immigration Advice, an NZ Qualifications Authority Level 7 qualification. In addition they both hold Bachelor and Master’s degrees in other disciplines.  

    Helen and Rebecca re required to undertake Continuing Professional Development (training) as a condition of their license. They access training from a range of providers and most often attend training and events provided by the NZ Association of Migrants and Investors (NZAMI). 

    In addition Helen and Rebecca are part of a small group of advisers who meet to share information and ideas as well as online forums and other professional groups.  

    Helen and Rebecca both hold full licenses to provide Immigration Advice in New Zealand and have never been subject to any sanctions or restrictions to their license.  

    We consider that providing migrants and employers with accurate immigration advice is a privilege and an essential service.  

  • Which visa should I apply for?

    The right visa for you depends on a lot of factors. We can look at your situation and help you understand your options. Our detailed assessment will cover all your visa choices.

    New Zealand is looking for migrants who have specific skills and attributes. We will make sure that you are aware of every possibility open to you.

    Click here to see the types of visas available.

  • How long will the process take?

    There is no easy answer to this question! Every case is different – the type of visa you are applying for and how easy it is to collect your information can affect the timing. We work fast and ensure our service speeds up the process as much as possible.

  • My situation is urgent – can you still help me?

    We provide an urgent visa service – just let us know when you contact us that you need our help quickly. In our first consultation we will advise you on the steps to take to be in New Zealand lawfully or to lodge your application. Then we will be able to give you a clearer timeline of how long your application might take. We ensure your application is presented in a way that it is easy for Immigration New Zealand to approve. This is just one of the great advantages of working with us as your advisers. We speed things up and secure your visa faster.

  • Can you fill out the application forms for me?

    Yes, we do this for you. We work with you to collect all the necessary information, helping you at every stage. We complete all the formal paperwork on your behalf and use interpreters if needed for a seamless information transfer. 

  • What does your fee cover and when do I pay?

    We provide a detailed assessment which will include a quote with our confirmed visa fee.

    We charge a ‘flat fee’ – agreed to at the beginning. This means that there are no hidden extra costs for you to worry about. Our fee covers all work that we do for you, including phone calls, office-related costs etc. We can work out a payment schedule that suits your financial situation. This fee will be due before we submit your application.

    We will always be available on the phone, via video chat and over email – giving you as much as support as you need without worrying about an hourly rate.

    Any other costs are paid by you. Examples of other costs are:

    • The application fee to Immigration New Zealand
    • Charges related to medical assessments
    • Police checks
    • Translation or certification of documents or the use of interpreters

    We can help you estimate these costs.

    Click here for information on fees charged by Immigration New Zealand.

  • Who will collect the information needed for my application?

    We will provide clear directions about the information that is required. We check everything you submit to us very carefully, making sure all your documentation is perfect and sufficient. We will also prepare everything in the correct format.

  • If I prefer, will you approach my employer/referees on my behalf?

    Certainly. It is another way that we can simplify the entire process for you. You will need to provide contact details, authorization and any other background information required. We can take it from there.

  • What should I do if my visa has expired but I have stayed in New Zealand?

    Talk to us as soon as you can. We understand the system and we can work on your behalf to give you the best chance of staying in New Zealand legally. 

  • What will you do if you think my application is likely to fail?

    We will always give you an honest assessment of your chances of securing a visa. If we think your application may fail or struggle, we will tell you so very clearly. We do not want you to be disappointed or spend any unnecessary money. We can look for other ways to make a successful application and we will help you understand all your options.  

  • I am worried about my previous criminal history. Can you help?

    We have had immense success working with clients who have previous character issues and who were concerned about how this might affect their application. We treat your information with care and discretion. 

  • Do you do Pro bono work?

    Given we are both from a social care background our values of respect and equality run through the work we do. In addition, we undertake free work for refugees, victims of family violence, migrants with mental health challenges and migrants who experience exploitation.  

  • What happens if my visa is declined?

    There are several routes to consider if your visa is declined. We have never had a visa declined other than those applications where our client was aware there was a risk of this happening.  

    If your visa is declined we would meet with you to discuss next steps and work to ensure your rights and responsibilities are met.  


  • Can you help me with visas for my family?

    Absolutely, we often look after family visas and take great pleasure in helping loved ones to be together. If you have family members who would like to move to New Zealand too, or visit regularly, we can talk to you about how to achieve that. 

  • Can I buy property in New Zealand without being a resident?

    Most migrants in New Zealand are of the belief that you cannot buy property in New Zealand until you are a resident.

    However, if you’ve moved to New Zealand and you’re looking to invest in the property market, you can apply to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

    The OIO is a Government office that processes applications from overseas investors and migrants in New Zealand on temporary visas to purchase New Zealand property.

    The following rules apply: 

    • You must buy a property Off-Plan
    • You can’t buy a property that’s already constructed
    • You can’t reside in the property until you are a resident

    Important to Note: At NZ Visa Connections, we have contacts in the property construction industry who frequently supporting migrants in buying properties. We can connect you to the right people.

  • What if I want to complain about the service I have received from you?

    As Licensed Immigration Advisers, we adhere to a strict code of conduct. If you feel like as if we have breached this or if you wish to complain about any other issue, we have a clear complaint process in place. We provide greater detail of this during our initial meeting.

    If this is not sufficient, the Immigration Advisers Authority complaints process is the next step.

  • Can you help me with an application which has been declined by Immigration New Zealand previously?

    We have had remarkable success with fixing applications that are in trouble. Using our service ensures that you have an experienced, knowledgeable advocate working for you. We are passionate about advocating for clients to get the visas they are entitled to.  

  • What do Expats think of New Zealand? 

    It’s stable, peaceful and safer than just about anywhere else in the world – in fact we’re the second safest country in the world, according to the 2017 Global Peace Index. 
    76% of expat parents living in New Zealand felt that their “offspring are more healthy living in New Zealand” according to HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey. Nearly three in five agreed that they personally had become more physically active since their move. Expats rate New Zealand first in the world for ‘health’. 

  • What health and public services are available?

    Individuals and families in New Zealand get great support from a range of public services. They can include access to welfare and support if someone has an accident or if either parent can’t work because of sickness or unemployment.

    New Zealand’s comprehensive health system is built on Kiwi’s inbuilt need to see that everyone gets ‘a fair go’ in life. New Zealand residents benefit from free or low cost healthcare thanks to heavy Government subsidies, and non-residents can also use healthcare services, dependent on their visa status.

    New Zealand offers an excellent education system. For example, in what’s been called the “biggest ever global school rankings”, the OECD in 2015 put us comfortably in the top 20 nations for the quality of our schools.

    New Zealand offers an excellent education system with all eight of our universities in the top 3% in the world. It is ranked as the #1 English speaking country in the world for preparing students for the future.

    Add in a safe learning environment and a healthy dose of the outdoor recreation available in our wide-open spaces, and you have a recipe for producing resourceful and confident young adults ready to take on the world.

  • Lifestyle Choices

    New Zealand does not have the endless sprawls of high-density housing or rows of towering high-rises you find elsewhere. There’s room to breathe and a wide variety of lifestyle options. 
    You can choose upbeat urban apartment living or a suburban backyard with room for children and a vegetable patch (we call this a ‘quarter acre paradise’). Alternatively, you can go a little further afield and live by the sea or get close to nature in rural open spaces, perhaps with some farmland and animals (known here as lifestyle blocks). 
    New Zealand is the perfect place to bring up children. 
    There are wonderful opportunities for young people to grow up with easy access to sports and outdoors, space and freedom: to ride horses, to run along open beaches, to swim in clean water, to walk through native forests and to truly experience the beauty of nature. 
    Our wide-open spaces mean you have the choice of every style of living you and your family could want. There is a wide range of housing options in New Zealand in terms of style, quality and price depending on location.  
    Smaller, less crowded cities and towns make getting to and from work much easier. Expect to leave home at a decent hour and arrive back with time to achieve something in the evening. 

  • "Overall, my experience with NZ Visa Connections has been very pleasant and enjoyable. They provided me with the peace of mind and confidence that everything will be sorted, and that my visa application was in very good hands. The team was very efficient, organized, and “on-the-ball” on all immigration policies and requirements. The weekly video chats to check on the progress of my “paper trail” was very helpful. It was a very professional engagement with a personal touch. "

    Jessica Misa Baird, Work Visa Support

  • "My experience has truly been nothing short of easy and amazing. NZ Visa Connections has been thorough since the inception of our relationship. Understanding the ins and outs of the process has been overwhelming and not always easy to follow. But, they've been transparent, calming and honest during an otherwise difficult to navigate process. The team goes above and beyond and it's very evident they are passionate about the work that they do."

    Ashley Bent, Work Visa Support

  • "Outstanding work from NZ Visa Connections in regards to helping our company secure visas for two of our key staff members. These two wonderful ladies have gone above and beyond for our company. Rebecca was the case manager for two of our staff members and  she worked exceptionally hard to renew their visas on the 11th hour. I was so impressed with her amazing ability to make things happen with such a positive outcome. "

    Lee Dewerson, Employer / Business services

  • "We first meet NZ Visa Connections back in 2017 when we were looking for an advisor to apply for Reon's first work Visa, We have continued to work with NZ Visa Connection ever since. With that said we have found them to be very professional throughout this process and have been Successful with our application for Reon Visas. Reon and myself would have no problem with recommending NZ Visa Connection to any person who needed Visa advice. "

    Ross & Reon Laird, Work Visa Support

  • "I was very nervous about trying to employ an international applicant, but NZ Visa Connections helped me employ the perfect person for our team, even making suggestions so we could apply for a 3-year Visa straight away. They assisted and supported me every step of the way, from helping with the advertisement to preparing Visa application documents, through to procuring the visa’s required for our employee. They were knowledgeable and eminently capable, and I would have no hesitation referring them to any other business thinking about hiring internationally."

    Lisa Coleman, Employer / Business services

  • "NZ Visa Connections basically took the stress out of my work and residence visa applications. I honestly feel so lucky to have found them in the first place --through my sister's colleague's recommendation. They were as amazing to work with as what we heard about them. The whole process was already quite streamlined for us (my partner and I). We simply had to follow through a well-defined checklist with details like: the importance of a specific document, suggestions and prompts for letters and other write up. It was very clear to us that they are the expert we needed."

    Donna Dychinco, Residence Visa support