• Become an Accredited Employer with NZ Visa Connections

    Become an Accredited Employer with NZ Visa Connections

Applications for the new compulsory Employer Accreditation scheme opened on 23rd May 2022, with the new associated work visa now also open from 4th July.

This new scheme has 3 key stages – The Employer Check, The Job Check and The Migrant Check.

NZ Visa Connections understands the requirements for all 3 stages and can work with you to achieve a successful outcome. Our individual service guides you through the obligations of the scheme, identifying potential problems and solutions.

We are passionate about supporting employers to build their business with the staff they need. We understand that it is critical to have staff who are skilled, competent, and motivated to work for you.

Stage 1 – Employer Check

This stage involves demonstrating to Immigration New Zealand that you are a genuinely operating business with a sound financial position. You will need to show the steps you take to reduce migrant exploitation, that you are compliant with all relevant legislation and that you provide a comprehensive Migrant Settlement Package.

There are 2 levels of accreditation depending on how many migrants you anticipate hiring over the accreditation period (high volume for 6+ migrants, standard for 5 or below). In addition, there are extra requirements for franchise and labour hire companies.

Businesses will be accredited for an initial 12-month period, then will renew their accreditation every two years (Labour Hire and Franchise will renew every 12 months).

How we can help

Our accreditation pathway can include

  • Review of your workplace including e.g. policies and procedures, current financial status and the ability to support migrant settlement.
  • Identifying possible gaps and planning with you on how to rectify these, including potential onward referrals to our preferred partners.
  • Provision of a comprehensive Migrant Settlement Package you can customise to your business.
  • Management of the application process, collating required documentation and lodging your application online.
  • Ongoing advocacy for your business until the stage is complete.

Our professional fees for Accreditation are: 

Standard & High Volume $2950 (+gst)
Franchise & Labour Hire  $4950 (+gst)


Immigration New Zealands’ application fees are:


(up to 5 migrants at any one time)


(6 or more migrants at any one time)

Franchise Companies $1980
Labour Hire $3870


Stage 2 – Job Check

Once your business has achieved accreditation you move onto the Job Check stage. You can only get to stage 3 – the work visa – if you have passed the Job Check.

Job Checks demonstrate that key criteria have been met (your role pays market rate, complies with employment law and a labour market test has been done, if required).

Each Job Check is valid for 6 months and can be used for multiple migrant work visas (for example if you have more than 1 vacancy for the same role). To use the job check for more than one migrant the jobs must all have the same core details – e.g. same pay rate, same job title, same location etc. So, if you want to fill multiple identical positions it’s just one Job Check.

If multiple positions are filled by migrants, they all count towards the number of workers allowed under your level of accreditation quota (standard or high volume).

Our Job Check service will help your business provide the correct evidence to sail through each check you require.

It includes reviewing your advertising & job description to ensure it meets Immigration New Zealand criteria, advising on shortlisting of applicants, lodging the job check application and ongoing advocacy for your business with INZ until the process is complete.

Our fee for this stage is $950 and the Immigration New Zealand fee is $610.


Do I need a Labour Market Test as part of a Job Check?

The Labour Market Test (LMT) shows that you have tried and failed to hire a New Zealand citizen or resident before offering the role to a migrant. You will not need a LMT if:

  • the role pays 200% of the median wage ($55.52/hr)


  • your role is listed on the Green List of Occupations from Immigration New Zealand & any candidates you have meet the additional requirements of this list.

All other jobs must have a Labour Market Test and most must pay at least the median wage ($27.76/hr).

Some roles in 3 key sectors in NZ will be temporarily exempt from the requirement to pay median wage and these sectors are Construction & Infrastructure, Care work & Tourism & Hospitality.

If you do need to conduct a LMT, there are very specific criteria you must meet for your advertising and the role you are offering. If you do not meet these; your Job Check could be declined and your ability to offer the work visa delayed.


Stage 3 – Migrant Check

Accredited Employer Work Visa

Once your business has successfully completed Stages 1 & 2 your migrant candidate of choice can apply for their new work visa – The Accredited Employer Work Visa. This final step is generally paid for by the migrant and involves a series of checks around their personal information.

INZ will want to verify

  • Their Identity documents & details
  • Do they meet the acceptable standard of health for their visa type?
  • Do they have any character issues? Previous convictions, issues with previous visa applications etc
  • Do they have the right qualifications or previous work experience for the role?
  • Are they Bona fide?

Once the visa application is lodged it will link up with the accreditation and relevant job check for your business through reference numbers provided to your company. The applicant will be assessed and a decision made on their visa.

New residence pathways are available for migrants if their role is in certain sectors & on the Green List. Sectors include Construction, Engineering, Health & Social Services, Primary Industries and Science, ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications, Trades and Agriculture.