• Critical Purpose Visas

    Critical Purpose Visas

A Twofold And Rare Opportunity For Highly Skilled Offshore Migrants

A chance to enter New Zealand before the rush.

A chance to secure residency under the one off residency programme.

While the borders were closed many employers sought to bring in Critical Workers to undertake roles which were impossible to fill with New Zealanders during Covid-19.  

The Critical Purpose Visa application process was complicated and many applications made by employers were declined.  

Recently Immigration New Zealand announced that employers who will pay a migrant 1.5 times the median wage ($40.50) can apply for a Critical Purpose Exception on their behalf.  

It’s no longer necessary to prove the employer’s involvement in special projects or the technical and specialist time critical skills of the migrant. Just pay at 1.5 times the median wage is enough to be able to apply to enter New Zealand now.  

The benefit of this is potentially enormous as this enables you to avoid the huge rush for work visa applications that Immigration New Zealand will experience from 4th July 2022 when they open applications up for the new Accredited Employer Work Visa.  

Furthermore, if your employer offers you pay at twice the median wage and you enter New Zealand before 31st July 2022 you are eligible to apply for residency visa the 2021 One Off Residency Category. This is an especially valuable consideration as other residency visas have either closed or are on indefinite pause.  

Speak to us today to learn more details about the different options for Critical Purpose Visas that exist relating to your pay and to specific professional groups. Act now to see whether you might be able to take up the chance to apply for residency in NZ.  


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