• More Working Holiday Visas now available

    More Working Holiday Visas now available

More Working Holiday Visas are now available

Does your country have a cap on the number of working holiday visas available each year? Is that cap already all used up? Immigration New Zealand have announced they will double the number of visa available for all capped countries and these news visas are open for applications from 8th September 2022 onwards.

What Is a Working Holiday Visa?

Working Holiday visas are available to young people from a wide selection of countries who want to come to NZ to travel and work. Every year hundreds of young people apply for these visas and spend up to 2 years travelling around and working throughout New Zealand. They are open for people aged between 18 – 30 (or up to 35 for some countries) and are a great way to have flexibility as you work temporarily in New Zealand.

Some countries have a cap on the number of visas available per year. For 2022, Immigration New Zealand has just announced they will double this quota.

Which countries does this impact and when do applications open?

All countries with a limit on the number of applications and are closed will now reopen in stages. You can apply for these visas online or – of course – we can help.

These countries schemes are currently closed and will reopen on the dates below (details of the reopening for Spain have yet to be published).

Malaysia 8-Sep-22
Argentina 15-Sep-22
Chile 22-Sep-22
Taiwan 29-Sep-22
China 11 -Oct-22
Hong Kong 18-Oct-22
Brazil 20-Oct-22
Vietnam 25-Oct-22
Mexico 27-Oct-22
Philippines 1-Nov-22
Hungary 3-Nov-22
Slovakia 8-Nov-22
Austria 10-Nov-22
Poland 15-Nov-22
Lithuania 17-Nov-22
Peru 22-Nov-22
Turkey 24-Nov-22
Portugal 1-Dec-22


Some schemes for other countries are still open and have had their numbers doubled. These include Korea, Czech Republic, Singapore, Israel, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Thailand, Croatia, Luxembourg and Malta.

What else do you need to know about this visa?

This visa is primarily for a visit, so your main reason for being here is to holiday – with any work or study being a secondary plan. You can’t accept a permanent job offer while on this visa and some countries also limit the amount of time you can work for any one employer.

You can do some study on this visa, but your course cannot last longer than 6 months.

For all working holiday visas you must have enough money to pay for a return ticket. You may also need insurance, check the details of your countries scheme.


Get NZ Visa Advice from Experienced Advisers

Working Holiday visas are a great way to travel our beautiful shores and fund part of your travels with temporary work. NZ Visa Connections is run by Helen and Rebecca Strange, migrants who have been through the New Zealand immigration system themselves. For professional advice that you can rely on, contact NZ Visa Connections today.