NZ Family Visas


Do you want to reunite with family currently residing or working in New Zealand? Or are you looking to bring your spouse and child to New Zealand to join you? We can assist you in applying for the right type of family visa. NZ Visa Connections can help you navigate the application process so you can finally be together in NZ.

We understand that applying for a family visa for NZ can be complicated and time-consuming. Our experienced and caring team at NZ Visa Connections can work with you and ensure you know the best options available for a smooth and seamless path forward. Contact us to learn more.

Types of NZ Family Visas

Visitor, worker, and residence visas are potential options if you have a relationship with a temporary work visa holder in New Zealand or a New Zealand citizen or resident. If you are interested in applying for a family visa for NZ, here are the possible routes:


Have a partner in New Zealand? Or want to bring your partner here to the country? It is possible. If your partnership meets the criteria set by Immigration New Zealand—for example, you have lived together and have evidence of the stability of your relationship—you can apply for a visa.

A critical part of this visa is proving you are living together and are in a genuine relationship. This may sound easy, but it is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of many visa applications. But do not fret. We offer professional advice that can help. Get in touch with us for the best chance of getting your application approved by Immigration New Zealand.

Dependent Children

New Zealand is an excellent place to raise your family. Your children may be eligible for Student visas, Visitor visas or even Residence. If you have dependent children you want to bring to New Zealand, their age and other important factors will guide us in helping you get the best visa for them.

Learn more about Student Visas for Dependent Children.

Parents & Grandparents

Many people dream of bringing their parents to New Zealand. For some, it may just be a short visit; for others, the dream may be for permanent residence.

The Parent Resident Category has now reopened and allows adult children with NZ citizenship or residency status (who meet the income criteria to sponsor their parents) to apply to bring their parents to NZ permanently.

There are other long-term options, and all require a financial investment in New Zealand. These are as follows:

If you are looking for a temporary stay only, the Parent and Grandparent Visitor visa allows visits of up to six months at a time, with a maximum stay of 18 months within three years. This option often works well for young families and when you prefer temporary but longer visits.

Talk to us about your situation, and we will advise you on the best option for your family.

Reunite with family with the help of NZ Visa Connections

Don’t know where to start? Let us help. We will work with you to identify the best family visa to apply for. Complete an application that meets all the requirements with the help of NZ Visa Connections, so your family can be together.


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  • "NZ Visa Connections basically took the stress out of my work and residence visa applications. I honestly feel so lucky to have found them in the first place --through my sister's colleague's recommendation. They were as amazing to work with as what we heard about them. The whole process was already quite streamlined for us (my partner and I). We simply had to follow through a well-defined checklist with details like: the importance of a specific document, suggestions and prompts for letters and other write up. It was very clear to us that they are the expert we needed."

    Donna Dychinco, Residence Visa support